Sitemap - 2014 - Energy and Resilience

The Rain is Soft: Enchantment in the Age of Excess

Beyond the Headlines: Privacy, Power and The Moment of Truth

The view from further down the oil supply pyramid - de-growth probable - an interview with Gail Tverberg. Southland NZ implications.

Keeping Your Cool in a World on Fire

Southern Energy and Resilience - Newspaper Edition

You won't believe how angry this will make you...

Shell’s profitability from fracking can be questioned / Shells lönsamhet från fracking kan ifrågasättas

Energy and the Economy - Twelve Basic Principles

Stop growing or meet the four horsemen? | A Prosperous Way Down

"The Converging Economic and Environmental Crisis"

Global Economic Slowdown and Threat of US Economic Warfare Extended to Germany

Fossil fools?

Response to Southland Times coverage of my submission to Venture Southland

Limits to Growth - 42 years on

Speaking to Submission on Draft VS Business Plan 2014 - Nathan Surendran’s Presentation Notes:

Converging Energy Crises - And How our Current Situation Differs from the Past

The religion of 'economic growth' - where is it leading us?

Twenty Important Concepts I Wasn’t Taught in Business School – Part I

Love Local - How sustainable are we, really?

Love Local - Why, How and What

Synthetic Society - A Symptom of Separation?

Presentation of 'Wise Response' Appeal to Parliament

Ex govt adviser: "global market shock" from "oil crash" could hit in 2015

The China Clock Goes Tick Tock - repost from The Automatic Earth

Science rules, okay?

Global riot epidemic due to demise of cheap fossil fuels

What do global risks mean for NZ’s wellbeing?

Beginning of the End? Oil Companies Cut Back on Spending | Our Finite World

Creating a life that reflects your values and satisfies your soul is a rare achievement...

Efficiency without Sufficiency is Lost: A Critique of Technology Optimism

Just who is crazy? - Guest Post - Bob Lloyd